Community Of Faith: A church not afraid to be called a church!



A Church Not Afraid To Be Called A Church!
About Us
Community of Faith Church (COF), is of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA denomination.  We are located 10 minutes south of the city of Chicago, in Markham, IL.  Our address is 3755 W 163rd street. 

Community of Faith Church held its first service on April 11, 1999.  The church was organized at the call of the presiding Bishop of the Northern Diocese of the Churches of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., Bishop Emery Lindsay, D.D., following eighteen months of initial planning and prayer,  Elder Gary T. Butcher was appointed Pastor of Community of Faith, and continues to serve in that capacity.  At that first service there were 11 adults, six men and five women, who made a commitment to work with Community of Faith.  

The congregation of Community of Faith is composed of people dedicated to doing the work of God's Kingdom in this current world.  Both the leadership of the church and it's congregation are determined to serve God in a sprit of excellence.  Community of Faith is a spritual oasis and hospital for those in need of care and love.            
                               All are welcome!


For Twelve years, Elder Gary T. Butcher has preached the uncomprimised Word of God, prayed with and for the sick and bereaved, provided Godly Word-based council, lead men and women to Christ, lead those who know Christ to discipleship, and pushed for excellence in ministry. 

Thank You Elder Butcher for your obedience in allowing God to use you to do His work.

Community of Faith's Mission, having accepted the commission of Christ, is to seek to fulfill that commission by loving, evangelizing, and teaching all to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Community of Faith's Vision is to impact the lives of believers and non-believers that we may become better disciples for Christ.
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