Community Of Faith: A church not afraid to be called a church!



A Church Not Afraid To Be Called A Church!
Children's Church-
The S.I.T.(Soldiers In Training) Services designed to provide developmentally appropriate religious teachings to the youth associated witht the church during regular Sunday morning worship service.

Teens For Christ (TFC)-
A bible instruction, personal development and activities ministry designed to positively engaged teenagers associated with the church.  
Women of Excellence Women's Ministry ( United Christians Women's Ministries)-
An instructional and peer support ministry working at the local level in conjunction with the national United Christian Women's Ministries of COCHUSA.  The purpose of the women's ministry is to encourage women to be godly influences in their world, to experience Christian fellowship as a result developing vital relationships, and to participate in activities or events that glorify our Lord and Savior  Jesus Christ.

Mighty Men of Christ Men's Ministry-

A local auxiliary of the National Brotherhood Ministry.  The purpose of the men's ministry is  to encourage men to
be godly influences in their world, to experience Christian fellowship as a result of developing vital relationships,
and to actively participate in activities or events that glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
Music Ministry-
Since it's inception, Community of faith has been blessed with a procession of talented musicians and
singers.  The current praise team and COF Chorale continues that tradition. 

College Ministry (Next Steps)-
Community of Faith's Next Steps Ministry was formed in order to provide outreach to our college students while they are attending college.
The ministry of ushering is a vital part of our church ministry.  The Usher Board greets people entering  the Sanctuary with a warm greeting, often calling people by name, and helping them with seating.  Ushers provide the pastoral staff with assistance in maintaining order during service and facilitate the numerous transitions during service. 

Marriage Ministry- Becoming One Never Divided (B.O.N.D.)-
Community of Faith's marriage ministry is a ministry of married couples who are guided and encouraged toward healthy, growing marriage relationships.    

Singles Ministry-
A peer support, bible study and activities ministry for single members seeking to live "Single and
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