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A Church Not Afraid To Be Called A Church!
Family Life Center

Community of Faith Family Life Center is situated in Markham, Illinois.  The Community of Faith - Family Life Center is a ministry of Community of Faith, COCHUSA and incorporated under the not for profit statues of the state of Illinois.  The mission of the Family Life Center is to meet the secular needs of the people, consistent with the word of God.  Beginning in 2004, the Community of Faith - Family Life Center, located at 3755 W. 163rd Street adjacent to the sanctuary, proposes to run and expand a focused cluster of activities designed to support and reinforce the family structure and the functioning of its individual members as well as the family unit as a whole.  These programs are designed to give our participants and their families an added sense of security and accomplishment.  We believe that this sense of security and accomplishment fosters a positive outlook on the future, which is valuable for all members of the family unit.  With such support, parents are free to concentrate on parenting, earning a living, receiving additional work related training, or the pursuit of other enriching activities.   This underpinning will also aid in providing our young people with the developmental activities essential to a positive present and future life pattern.

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